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Crown Ring

The special moments in life that take your breath away are few and far between. That’s why longtime friends Thierry Bellisha and Haimy Mann set out to celebrate these milestones by founding CrownRing in 1999: a collection of spectacular bridal jewelry that bring happily ever after to life. But what’s in the name? The founders believe that when a couple gets married they are king and queen of their world, able to reign over their new life. Hence, the crown.

CrownRing designs several matrimonial jewelry collections offering both men and women wedding bands, engagement rings, anniversary bands, diamond rings and more options to honor the couple in love. This jewelry manufacturer is presently offering eight collections, each unique in design and style. From the “Bonbon Collection” that’s made up of women’s colorful wedding bands stackable for a personalized look to the “Alternative Metal Collection” that’s made up of scratch-resistant men’s wedding bands in metals such as tungsten, black ceramic and black cobalt.



Speaking of cobalt, CrownRing is the first and only wedding band manufacturer in the world to offer diamond-like carbon coating (DLC). The cobalt finish provides an incredible resilience to scratching and wearing, so this quality jewelry doesn’t break, shatter or chip. The color doesn’t fade either, making it possible for CrownRing to offer a lifetime guarantee with cobalt rings.

The innovation behind this jewelry maker doesn’t end there. In 2002, CrownRing was one of the first companies in Canada to manufacture a collection of wedding bands in titanium, making it possible to offer a less expensive and lighter alternative to gold and platinum jewelry. CrownRing is also behind the popular “Carlex” brand. Launched in 2008, this men’s wedding bands line has garnered much attention on a national and international level. Today “Carlex” sells in more than 100 retailers both in Canada and the U.S. In fact, The Platinum Guild International USA announced one of Carlex’s men’s wedding rings as a top favorite by retailers and editors, winning in the “Platinum Wedding Band” category at the JCK 2011 Platinum Innovation Awards.



Besides the precious metals that are CrownRing’s core business, technology is at the forefront of this jewelry-making operation. In 2004, the founders bought the first piece of robotized equipment that allows them to use latest software to cut and polish jewelry. This allows them to be more efficient, precise and to customize orders within 24 hours. Today, they have more than five machines helping them keep up with growing demand in North America, Mexico and France.


For unmatched craftsmanship, design and comfort, CrownRing is today’s jewelry of choice. From white and yellow gold to black and white cobalt, to diamonds and alternative metals, CrownRing’s collections of jewelry has something for everyone to celebrate their special day.